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NauTech is the bimonthly magazine dedicated to the nautical industry, now in its tenth year of publication. Witness to the growth in the sector, it has become one of the most valuable tools for spreading information on naval design and construction to the main players in the industry. Since its founding in 2004, NauTech, whilst keeping its editorial structure with ample sections dedicated to production issues, the evolution of accessories and the structure of a shipyard, has evolved and become a multimedia platform. In addition to the traditional magazine version, there is now a website, an online version of the magazine, a fortnightly newsletter, social networking groups and the international version NauTech World. NauTech, with its widespread capillary distribution among naval architects and engineers, is the offi cial publication for the Associazione Nazionale Progettisti Nautica da Diporto, technical and sales departments in all national and international shipyards. It is constantly present at the most important industry exhibitions and has consolidated its position as the reference for professionals in the nautical sector.



Certifications. Regulations. Applications. Design. People. Materials. Innovations from the market for yards, engines and propulsion, ports, working boats, super and mega yachts, crews, decks, systems, design, interiors, mechanics and automation, electronics.



Ship yards (technical offi ces and Production Managers). Captains. Ports and Marine. Storage and restoration yards. Architects and Marine Engineers. Ship chandlers. Builders, installers and distributors of systems, machines and component. Sub-suppliers. Mechanics. Craſt smen. Associations, training schools and Marine Clubs. Ship owners