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Proportional servocontrols Comparato Nello


cmpPILOTPRO2VAISIDIAMANT PILOT PRO and COMPACT PILOT PRO proportional servocontrols are made by Comparato Nello S.r.l. to meet the complex market requirements in the adjustments field. Pilot servomotors regulate flow by positioning the ball of the valve body proportionately to an electrical signal, which may be 4÷20mA, 0÷20mA or 0÷10V. The electronic control of Pilot servomotors guarantees absolute precision of shutter positioning with a precision of +/-1° of rotation. The use of these product lines presupposes the presence of a process regulation system which, on the basis of changes in the controlled variable and the set-point, works out the correct position reference and transforms it into an electric signal. The Pilot servocontrols interpret the signal and move to the corresponding value. Pilot actuators have a broad field of application in systems where the variables to be controlled after example temperature, pressure or flow etc. They can control a two-or three-way valve with 90° of rotation, be 230,115 or 24V AC powered and can be used with all valve bodies on the market in the Diamant 2000 and Compact PRO series and with all valve bodies with an ISO 5211 attachment.  PILOT PRO RANGE: the servo control can be used with fluids up to 160° and has IP67 protection, thus high protection in the most severe environmental conditions. All external metal components are in stainless steel. Comparato Nello S.r.l. also has a wide range of motorised mixer/heat regulating valves (also available in the anti-legionnaires disease version) and ultra rapid direct current servocontrols.

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SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy