Products & Technologies

Sanitrade, founded in 1998 as a distribution agency representing manufacturing companies of high technological systems in the marine industry, now […]

Structor, specialized in the yacht sector, unveils its telescopic mast available in single, double, and triple-stage configurations. Its structure combines […]

On the occasion of the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023, Bluegame, a brand of the Sanlorenzo group, unveiled the BGHHSV (Hydrogen […]

CloudEnergy, born from the vision of a team of seasoned professionals well-versed in automating processes within Industry 4.0, stands as […]

Fastmount, a leading company from New Zealand renowned for its hidden panel mounting systems, introduces the groundbreaking Carpet Clips as […]

SINTESI is a motorised valve by Comparato with interesting features regarding the management of the temperature on board and the […]

Corrosion can structurally compromise boats, threatening their safety, performance, and aesthetics. However, there are effective solutions to prevent or counteract […]

Renato Marconi, CEO of Marinedi, attended the “Italian Tourism Port Authorities General Assembly” with Minister Nello Musumeci to discuss the […]

Volta future GmbH proudly introduces the groundbreaking NextGen e-outboard, a true marvel of innovation boasting an impressive 222kW (300hp) continuous […]

Sanlorenzo is pleased to introduce you to the innovative underwater spotlights by Ampermarine – a company expanding in the naval […]