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Mixing / thermoregulating valves with integrated program for disinfection


diamixPROLComparato Nello S.r.l. introduces mixing / thermoregulating DIAMIX L and COMPAMIX L motorized valves. They integrate normal mixing function controlled by microprocessor that allows mixed water temperature to be constant and with high fidelity with ± 1°C precision, with a software that allows the actuator to make autonomously all processes of thermal disinfection in plants with recirculation ring. The disinfection function takes place by increasing water temperature in recirculation ring for a time conveniently calculated by the microprocessor: the Legionella bacterium reacts in different ways according to the max. temperature reached in the ring. DIAMIX L and COMPAMIX L mixing valve use is particularly recommended in plants with hot sanitary water centralised production for collective use where reducing proliferation of Legionella bacteria is fundamental. PRO Range – the actuator can be used with fluids up to 160° and has an IP67 class protection, a very high protection against the most severe environmental conditions. All external metallic components are made of stainless steel.

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