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New BIGFOOT Marine kit, the professional choice for your boat’s finish


kit_marine_LHR12EMaintaining a boat to preserve its show-room shine and the first-time glisten takes a complete system of products, ranging from boat polish, compounds, pads, stain removers, and fiberglass cleaner. This is why RUPES is now offering in a single solution a full range of compounds and polishes of different types and grains for the finishing of gel coat, resins and marine paints, by launching its new Marine Kit. It includes everything you need to keep your sailboat, yacht, kayak, or powerboat looking sharp. The new kit is available on stock in the two different versions, the Premium one, equipped with the LHR21E random orbital polisher, and the Gold one, provided as LHR12 E KIT MARINE. Both versions are designed to easily remove scratches, marks, oxidation, stains and holograms, shining the surface and restoring the wished gloss level. The Premium kit is particularly suitable for a professional use: thanks to its 21-mm diameter orbit, LHR21E is able to reduce polishing time and quickly obtain colour depth, protecting both gelcoat, composite materials and painted surfaces. Boatyards, production sites and professional detailers will benefit from the tool’s speed, in terms of far less consumable products need and simplification of the overall polishing process and timings. The random orbital movement gives a fast brilliant finish, and can buff the topside of the boat in a few minutes. The Gold kit can be easily used even by unskilled operators: the machine’s extreme manageability makes it comfortable to use even for low skilled technicians, such as private boat owners or manufacturers. LHR 12E DUETTO is an all in one sanding and polishing system for painted surfaces, uniquely operator friendly thanks to its design features, as the anti-spinning device, the front hand grip and the electronic module. The kits include:
• foam polishing pads suitable for a variety of materials and applications.
• Coarse/medium/fine marine compound. From the most aggressive to the less invasive fine grain compound, RUPES offers a wide line of different solutions for each step of the polishing process. Marine “Coarse” abrasive compound is designed for the first removal of marks and scratches, while the fine compound is ideal for the final precision finishing of your boat topside.
• BigFoot Marine bag. A comfortable semi rigid bag, to always bring our expertise with you.

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