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First PYC-compliant glass for the superyacht Industry developed by Glass Deco


glasscropThe popularity of glass in design has been rising over the years, and therefore has the need for more advanced techniques to compensate for increased weights: Glass Deco, a European company based in the Netherlands with representative offices in the United Kingdom, Dubai, India and Mauritius, wants to respond to such needs.
Since the late Seventies working on the design, manufacturing and fitting of luxury glass objects, in recent years the glass firm focused on the research and development of innovative techniques to improve the qualities of glass so that it could be best suitable for the superyacht and aviation industry.
As for its latest invention, Glass Deco recently developed a new patented lamination method which meets the increasingly stringent rules regarding fire safety and fuel economy (i.e. weight savings) within the superyacht industry.
Lightweight unbreakable glass is an additional innovation strongly linked to such requirements. Glass Deco can now carry out thermal tempering on two and three millimeter thick glass – which was previously only possible on more-than-4-millimeters thick glass. This allows direct savings of half of the material previously employed, without compromising neither on strength nor on appearance. Weight is thus easily saved by making use of ultrathin glass.
“I am happy that Glass Deco is capable to deliver this new lamination method starting from today after years of developing and investing in this new high tech production technique. With this new invention, we prove to be still trend-setting in the world of decorated glass.” says Frans van Hapert, C.E.O. of Glass Deco Corporation BV.