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Proud to be Italian: Terranova Yachts changes its name into Terranova Italian Yachts


Terravova italian logo‘Italian-ness’ is the key feature of the re-launch of Terranova Yachts. Cherish the past, believe in the present, invest in the future: the new motto is all about being proud of Italian history, culture and potential.
Terranova Yachts has changed its name to Terranova Italian Yachts, a fully Italian company which has taken over the shipyard of the previous management and will hopefully keep on making further improvements.
Massimigliano Zilioli, the Italian company’s new CEO, is a yacht owner with over twenty years experience both in the industry and at sea: he is ready to offer a thorough understanding of different types of boats and life in the open sea.
The newly renewed company will begin to restart building three models – the 68 Yacht, 85 Yacht and 115 Yacht – at facilities in Viareggio and Pisa as soon as the re-launch period for the shipyard is completed, that is to be expected over the next months. The aim is to create largely autonomous boats with reduced maintenance  costs, designed to bear long distances, boasting high quality design with harmonious lines and finishes, optimised with the best materials and customisability, all with the charm and appeal of the prised ‘made in Italy’.
The building process starting the upcoming Autumn 2015, Terranova Italian Yachts couldn’t be ready for Cannes Yachting Festival or Monaco Yacht Show, to which the marketing strategy to re-launch the shipyard foresees the presentation of at least one new boat: news to be expected for the next edition in 2016.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy