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New line of superyacht designs by RMK Marine


RMK Marine-57m-2RMK Marine unveiled a new line of superyacht concepts, ranging from 57m to 75m.
The Turkish shipyard is world renowned for its numerous award-winning superyachts such as Karia (45m), built to a Ron Holland design, Caressa K (38m) and the S&S-designed ketch Nazenin V (52m), and for nominations  in international competitions such as the Showboat International Design Awards. Since 2011, RMK Marine has been commissioned by the worldwide known sailing yacht manufacturer Oyster to build the new Oyster Superyachts by Dubois 100 and 125-foot models.
RMK Marine has always been very closely connected to its own country: since its foundation, it offers technologically advanced and high quality naval and commercial ships and superyachts to both the Turkish shipping and defense industries, and to international private clients, all of which with the ultimate aim to develop and improve the whole country’s shipbuilding activity and to make its market global and world renowned.
This is probably one of the reasons why the vessels belonging to the new line are proudly named after famous Turkish archeological sites and regions such as Halikarnas (nowadays known as Bodrum), Kapadokya and Bergama.
Each new model has its own style and features, but they all share important common values such as performance, stability, deck space and volume, including that of the crew quarters, which fully comply with the LY3 regulations.
The 57m Halikarnas is a modern design with an athletic appearance and futuristic reverse bow. The yacht exterior lines are able to give a dynamic impression even when at anchor. The vessel features a large lounge and pool area forward on the bridge deck.
The 65m Kapadokya is designed as a luxury explorer vessel with true ocean going capabilities. The concept was developed using the yard’s history in building explorer yachts. A large beach club has been fitted to the yacht, to facilitate in tender operations, with a big pool located above on the main deck aft. A touch and go helipad located on the foredeck will make reaching isolated destinations a breeze. Travelling at 10 knots, she is capable of reaching 6000nm.
The largest of the three designs, the 75m Bergama, is a classic example of the Turkish yard’s tradition in creating yachts that would stay relevant for many years, with a timeless design featuring 5 guest decks, and a generous interior volume of 2180 GT.
All of the models have been developed in-house by RMK Marine in partnership with local yacht designer Selahattin Uldas, who had previously  been involved in the design of several successful Turkish-built yachts and superyachts (the most famous of which is Ileria) for several shipyards, among which Yachtley, Sunrise Yachts and Dunya Yachts, and who was also awarded at the ‘International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2012’ for his design concept ‘Pro 750 Golden’.


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