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Elan Group’s 70 years of innovation


Elan celebrating 70 yearsThis year  Elan Group celebrates 70 years of activity and innovation.
Founded in Slovenia in 1945, Elan is a producer and supplier of various sports and leisure time activities equipment for the global market. All Elan’s enterprises apply an innovative approach to each product, being devoted to technical development and progressive design. The group’s production facilities are located in Central Europe, among Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia on the Adriatic coast.
Elan’s boatbuilding tradition began with kayaks, canoes and small boat production made of waterproof wood. Early commercial success came in the Fifties when a large number of small crafts were exported to the US: during the Sixties Elan used the newly created reinforced polyester to build racing kayaks and boats.
Thanks to the introduction of this revolutionary material the yard launched the first sailboats and the most successful small vessel, selling ten thousand units in the following years. The Eighties witnessed significant shift towards the production of larger cruiser-racer sailing yachts, including the legendary Elan 31, which won the Quarter Ton World Championship with Dusan Puh. In 1995 Elan started a cooperation with renowned nautical designer Rob Humphreys, which resulted in many successful, award-winning projects.
Elan inherits many features from these ultimate racing machines such as twin rudders, T-shaped performance keel, chined hull for minimum drag and the latest 3D Vail infusion technology, which brings better carrying capacity and increased hull strength and stiffness: the building technology nonetheless allows this result with the least amount of material possible, to save weight and make the yacht more responsive and easily maneuverable. The brand’s yachts carry the Germanischer Lloyd certificate for highest standards in safety and build, while a state-of-the-art deck equipment positioned for the best performance ensures the maximum comfort.
Elan won European Yacht of the Year title twice, for the Impression 344 and 340 models. It also launched the revolutionary Volvo Ocean Race inspired Elan 350 with characteristic chines and twin rudders, winning another European Yacht of the Year title in 2011, a nomination for Elan 210 the following year, and Elan 400 nomination for 2014.
Building on rich tradition combined with an innovative present, Elan is laying strong foundations for the future.