Bertram 35 design unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2015

bertram1111-500x325Bertram shipyard presented their latest design, Betram 35, at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2015. Designed by Micheal Peters Yacht Design and built by Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding, it is expected to be launched at the next edition of the same boat show in 2016.
The Bertram 35, a longer version of the previous and most popular Betram 31, is meant to complete the re-launch of the iconic brand Bertram Yacht after a new owner and leadership has been established. Last March, in fact, Bertram was purchased from the Ferretti Group by Argo Finanziaria, a division of the Gavio Group, an Italian family-owned industrial company. Beniamino Gavio is himself an owner of a Bertram 54, which he bought in 1999: acquiring Bertram Yacht, the new ownership guaranteed to keep new designs simple and strong as usual, without imposing any Italian design.
Bertram 35 is aimed to impress new costumers being an improved version of the 31, an already excellent and successful product. To do so, the new boat had to be able to keep high expectations and a classic American design, to bring back the American feel that company founder Dick Bertram made popular five decades ago. The designer, as well, tried to fully impersonate the Bertram’s brand and to create a true Bertram signature’s boat.
Davids and Tommy Thompson, head of product development, unveiled renderings of the new boat, a sort of a “35-foot Bertram 31.” Being more spacious than Bertram 31, the new boat is expected to be much appreciated: it will be one of the largest and fastest race boat by Betram. It will initially be available in two configurations, one for fishing and another for cruising.
To preserve the American-ness of the project, a strong will of making everything in house lead the shipyard to assign the design to Michael Peters Yacht Design of Sarasota, Florida, and the building  to Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding in Thomaston, Maine, where yachts and boats are all still and-made.