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SoelCat 12, a solar electric vessel for true sustainable ecotourism


SoelCat 12 - 05 IsometricDutch based company Soel Yachts and Naval DC introduced the SoelCat 12, an autonomous solar electric catamaran for coastal water, lagoon and inter-island transportation.
The concept was developed for the fast growing ecotourism market, where a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the use of renewable energy sources are required but not yet sufficiently implemented in the water transport sector.“The SoelCat 12 offers a 100% sustainable alternative to conventionally powered boats used in the industry” said Joep Koster, designer and naval architect at Soel Yachts. “Passengers will experience the sustainable technology hands on”.
The 11.8 metres vessel’s deck is fully customisable and can host various seating arrangements for different purposes, from luxurious yacht-like features to practical deck gear for water taxi services, eco-tourism and water- bound resorts, holding up to 24 passengers. Additionally, SoelCat 12’s mobile power station can provide 6kVA of AC power, which makes the vessel an autonomous base for scientific and governmental coral reef research and marine life expeditions.
The SoelCat 12 is designed for salt-water applications and can be beached due to its reinforced hull build from lightweight fibreglass composite. The lightness of the hull, together with the efficient electric propulsion system, allow for outstanding performances for a vessel of this kind.
The SoelCat 12 has a total lithium battery capacity of 120kWh and can operate for 6 hours at 8 knots speed on the batteries alone. At 6 knots, the vessel can operate entirely off the energy provided by the solar panels during sun shine hours. Cruising speed can reach up to 15 knots.
“Our integrated electric propulsion systems have logged more than 350.000 blue water nautical miles in the Pacific, so far”, said David Czap from Naval DC. “We can remotely monitor all electric propulsion system vitals worldwide via our Naval UI alarm & monitoring system.”
Moreover, the SoelCat 12 has been designed to be demountable and fits into two 40ft high cube containers. It can easily and affordably be transported to remote areas or islands all over the world. Neither lamination processes, nor specialized tools are required for the SoelCat 12’s assembly on location, which make it an even more sustainable vessel.
Joep Koster and David Czap, designers at Soel Yachts and at Naval DC, are no stranger to the electric boat industry: Czap cofounded Czeers Solarboats in 2006, the company responsible for creating the first solar powered speedboat, and also founded in 2008 another company, Naval DC in 2008, focusing on the development of solar electric propulsion systems.
The first vessel is currently under construction and its launch will be in the third quarter of 2016.


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