Marine Mono, a new toy for superyachts assuring on land entertainment

marine_monoMost of water toys are made for entertainment at sea, from tenders to jet skis and personal submersibles. No toys have yet been designed to provide the same variety of entertainment when docked and eventually spending some time in port: and yet yacht owners seek for fun in all aspects of their experience while cruising and living on board.
Ian Briggs from Liverpool-based Briggs Automotive Company created a single-seat supercar concept designed exclusively for fun.
“It has no transport function at all,” Briggs says. “We set out to design a piece of sport equipment for an extreme sport”. Not a car to wander around with or for sightseeing, the concept is an accessory designed to entertain owners while moored: for instace, in Monaco, the supercar could carry its owner around the Monte Carlo rally stages or up to the mountains.
The concept has been developed as a maritime adaptation of the Briggs’s Mono supercar: being very small and extremely light—just 1,279 pounds-, it was the easiest choice to provide a design bases for the newest on-land toy. “Everything that makes it a good driver’s car makes it suitable to be the ultimate luxury automotive toy for a yacht,” Briggs says. With a 280-horsepower four-cylinder engine and F1-derived pushrod suspension, the Mono can hit 97 km/h in 2.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 274 km/h.
The Marine Mono is basically a Mono with some improvements to optimize it for sea: the metal components are made rust-resistant, while the electronics are protected from moisture and salty air corrosion. The car’s roll hoop accepts a strap, so that the vehicle can easily be loaded and unloaded. Like the standard Mono, the Marine could be customized, from the choice of the color scheme, to the steering wheel and seat molded to fit the owner’s wishes.
Briggs and his company want to impress yacht owners, and their target will be very specific: for this reason, the yacht-bound car is still just a concept and won’t probably be set up for volume production.