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Independence, 610-foot environmentally friendly tanker, just launched by NASSCO


NASSCO-IndependenceGeneral Dynamics NASSCO launched, on Saturday morning, Independence, the first vessel completed in a new fleet of three environmentally friendly tankers under construction at the San Diego-based shipyard.
Allison Moran, CEO of RaceTrac Petroleum, christened the ship with the traditional breaking of a champagne bottle against the hull.
The ship, whose construction started about a year ago, has been built for SEA-Vista, a partnership between Seacor Holdings and Avista Capital Partners, and will be operated by Seabulk Tankers.
The tanker can carry 330,000 barrels of oil or other petroleum products and can be converted to run on clean liquefied natural gas.
“General Dynamics NASSCO shipbuilders are revolutionizing the future of American shipping with the concept and construction of innovative, cost-saving, and environmentally-sound vessels,” said Kevin Graney, vice president and general manager of the shipyard.“When delivered, these ECO Class tankers will be among the most fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly tankers anywhere in the world”
American Petroleum Tankers was last week delivered a similar environmentally friendly vessel, the Lone Star State by NASSCO, and has ordered other four. NASSCO is the largest shipyard in the West Coast, and it currently has eight commercial ships and one naval vessel under construction or on order.