U-Boat Worx’s Super Yacht Sub 3, the most compact three-person submersible

submersibleWith the launch of the Super Yacht Sub 3 at the last edition of Monaco Yacht Show, U-Boat Worx introduced the world’s most compact three-person submersible on the market.
The innovative Dutch firm specializes in explorative superyacht toys, building personal submersibles for new extreme ways of superyacht lifestyle even under water.
The Super Yacht Sub 3 is the latest development of private submersibles purposely designed for yachts, with a more compact size and decreased weight while maintaining a luxurious and comfortable interior.
In U-Boat Worx’s many years of building submersibles, the demand for compact submersibles has been growing, especially for the newest model Super Yacht Sub 3.Thanks to its compact size, exploring can now be done from even smaller yachts without major changes or refits.
The Super Yacht Sub 3 is very easy to handle, thanks to Manta controller, which allows the passengers to steer the submersible under supervision of the pilot. On the surface, the submersible can also be sailed with a wireless Marlin controller.
One of the most innovative characteristics for this model is the upgradeable depth rating: clients can start their underwater adventure with a 100 metre depth capability, and later choose to upgrade the depth rating of the Super Yacht Sub 3 up to 300 metres. Clients may also choose to have their submersible delivered directly with the full 300 metre diving depth.
With 90% of the ocean floor still unchartered, owners of the new submersible can explore a whole new world, places where no one has been before. The Super Yacht Sub 3 has a large acrylic viewport offering 360° views on the amazing sceneries to be found under water.