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Kongsberg Maritime third generation High Precision Acoustic Positioning system HiPAP 502


hipap-502_Kongsberg-MaritimeAfter the first HiPAP 500 introduced in 1996, and the second 501 in 2007, Kongsberg Maritime recently released their third generation High Precision Acoustic Positioning and Navigation System.
“We are able to offer improved operation with HiPAP 502 thanks to our continuous development of the technology platform, making use of new electronic hardware and software, along with new electronic components,” said Morten Berntsen, Sales Director, Kongsberg Maritime. “This new technology and our in-house system expertise comes together to deliver even more accuracy and reliability with every HiPAP generation.”
According to Kongsberg Maritime, the HiPAP 502 sets new standards for subsea position reference systems.
The new HiPAP 502, designed to support the performance and safety of offshore support, survey, subsea construction and scientific vessel operations, provides major advances.

HiPAP 502
The HiPAP 502 High Precision Acoustic underwater Positioning and navigation system operates with the transducer mounted on a hull unit to allow the transducer to be lowered some meters below the hull of the vessel. A Transceiver Unit containing transmitter, preamplifiers and beam forming electronics is mounted close to the hull unit. The system can be configured with one or two hull-mounted transducers. With the use of two transducers, accuracy and redundancy will be improved. The system will dynamically control the beam so it is always pointing towards the transponder. The transponder may be moving, and roll, pitch and yaw affect the vessel itself. Data from roll/pitch sensors are used to roll and pitch compensate the position.

New features
– smaller and lighter transceiver unit, housed in a stainless steel cabinet less temperature-sensitive
– new Low Power Transceiver (LPT) boards with better filtering and signal processing providing an extra 5-6 dB more sensitivity

Improved performances
– 100% better angle accuracy of 0.06 degrees vs the 0.12 of the HiPaP 501
(Angle accuracy is essential in SSBL (or USBL) positioning) the HiPAP 502 has an accuracy of vs the 0.12 degrees of the HiPAP 501
– range capability improved to 5000m
– additional capability of sending and receiving high speed acoustic telemetry data
– increased battery endurance thanks to a decreased source level from the transponder