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An alternative to wood: how a bioplastic containing rice husks has opened up new possibilities for shipbuilding


SIMOWOOD-IMOSimowood is the first large-scale sheet made of Resysta®, an innovative hybrid material based on rice husks and a specific thermoplastic. The extruded sheets are processed to look and feel like wood.
Simowood is highly resistant to external influences such as sun, rain, snow or salt water, and as an alternative to tropical timber it also contributes to the protection of valuable natural resources. In contrast to conventional wood or wood-based products, the material used in Simowood is resistant to moisture, i. e. there are no signs of swelling. Furthermore, it is weatherproof and offers the benefit of anti-slip properties when wet (supreme slip resistance, Classification Group C as per DIN 51097).
“This makes Simowood the perfect choice for a variety of uses in the area of boatbuilding” said Enrico Colombo Sales & Marketing Manager of Simona Srl.
In addition to the standard quality Simona also offers a low-flammability product that complies with the regulations of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Simowood IMO thus meets the requirements for use as a material for bulkhead, wall and ceiling linings as well as floor coverings in the area of commercial shipbuilding.
Furthermore, Simowood is particularly suited to areas of application that rely on durable, sustainable and weather-proof materials with a wood-like appearance such as: Outdoor furniture, wall and facade elements, interior fittings, fences, wellness areas and wet rooms, store design, exhibition stand design.
Simowood Sheets can be sawn, milled, drilled, bolted, glued and planed like wood. Using various sanding techniques and varnishes, they can be finished to personal specifications. Additionally, SIMOWOOD is suitable for thermal processing, e. g. welding, thermoforming and deep-drawing, i. e. SIMOWOOD combines the benefits of wood and plastic in a single product.
Our product range consists of Simowood Sheets with sizes of 2,000 by 1,000 mm and 2,500 by 1,250 mm with thicknesses of between 2 and 8 mm as well as Simowood IMO Sheets with a size of 2,500 by 1,250 mm and thicknesses from 4 to 8 mm. All sheets are sanded one side.


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