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Next Generation Marine Power and Propulsion Conference


nextgenerationconferenceThe Next Generation Marine Power & Propulsion Conference will be held at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton U.K. from April 26 to 28, 2016.
The objective of such event is to investigate and identify various possible propulsion solutions for a large range of vessels, from workboats to superyachts, from scientific research crafts to military drones.
For such a challenging purpose, the event will bring together a group of international experts to highlight the potential use of the latest technologies as innovative power and propulsion systems.
The two day conference and one day workshop program is relevant to everyone working in the maritime field, such as marine operators, boat builders, naval architects and engineers, maritime legislators and government bodies.
Boat builders, engine OEMs and specialist component manufacturers now recognize that they need to work together to develop next generation systems that fit the changing requirements of modern fleets.
The unique knowledge gained from presentations and networking sessions will help to shape long-term decisions that lead to improvements for in-service systems and procurement of next generation vessels.

Main topics
The program includes 20 expert speakers covering three main topics:
1- Here and Now Technology, on how the marine industry can utilize the latest engineering
2- Next Generation Systems about systems which might be of commercial release within a few years
3- Innovation and Future Possibilities about new ideas that are pushing the boundaries far and wide.

Guided tour to the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute
At the end of the second day of conference, a guided tour to the SMMI facility at the new Boldrewood Innovation Campus at Southampton University is scheduled.

Workshop day on “New marine energy
First, presenters will highlight how to improve fuel economy, to reduce maintenance costs and to extend engine life.
After that, the Hour of Power concept, enabling vessels to run in and out of port for an hour on electric with battery power, will be explored.
Fast moving sessions will focus on informal discussion and industry experience from subject matter experts including Lloyds Register and DNV GL.
Another relevant topic for the workshop will be high-energy battery installations and Lithium-ion onboard, including the latest MCA Marine Guidance Note.