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Make Your Mark 2016, the International Marketing Superyacht Forum


make-your-mark-30mcgvap7thw3fbdghzabkMake Your Mark 2016, the International Marketing Superyacht Forum, will be held on February 9 in London.
Offering a one-day masterclass experience to an audience of key superyacht brands, the event will provide interesting speeches and feedback by senior marketing professionals from the luxury yacht industry.
The masterclass will focus on effective and engaging marketing practices while exploring innovative ideas from comparable luxury sectors. Make Your Mark will also feature a range of event showcases, with stands at the event displaying their work and projects.
Portia Hart, previous attendee of Superyacht Management Marketing, considered the forum “An excellent opportunity for superyacht marketeers to take a long, hard look at what their brand really means, to properly apply these concepts to our own marketing and to finally bring our industry in line with other leaders in the luxury sector.”
The partners of the event are some very remarkable marketing agencies, printing experts and branding companies, such as, for instance, The Superyacht Agency, offering insight and strategic marketing to the luxury yacht sector, Park Communications, one of the best providers of high quality print, and Plant The Brand for branding installations, stand design and creative promotional environments.
Another outstanding partner of the event is Superyacht Intelligence, offering a deep insight about the international superyacht industry with its database of over 5,000 superyachts. The company tracks market trends and collects accurate data about the industry, delivering consultancy reports about brand perception and market analysis, marina investment and economic contribution studies, sales strategies and ownership consultancy.
The masterclass will touch challenging topics, from target analysis through an insight in the lifestyle of luxury customers, elements of market psychology to better understand clients, to new trends in luxury marketing and branding and digital media strategies, upcoming innovations in advertising and brand-shaping.


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