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VPLP’s 282-foot Komorebi trimaran


sweetgiantVPLP, a French-based company of naval architects and designer with 30 years of experience in sailing and motor yachts, came up with an innovative hybrid trimaran concept, the 282-foot Komorebi.
Considered by the company a vessel in between a sailing and a power yacht, the Komorebi is a comfortable and safe vessel ideal to travel in relaxation and harmony with nature: its name, in fact, was inspired by the Japanese concept of how nature’s inner beauty is fully enhanced by the sunbeams shining through a tree’s leaves.
The importance of light in creating beauty is also one of the key features of such an elegant vessel. The entire layout was conceived to provide a feeling of openness: light flows free and abundant through the large windows, allowing also for stunning views. As sprawling and open as it is, the yacht conveys nonetheless an incredible sense of intimacy and simplicity.
The generous outdoor spaces let the owners collect a great variety of water tools and toys to enjoy even more the contemplation of the surrounding nature above and below the water: there is plenty of room for personal submarines, tenders, sailing boats, and a helicopter could also be landed on the front deck.
The Komorebi superyacht is an efficient and highly stable vessel with an ocean-crossing range and a draft which is shallow enough to enter the most uncontaminated coasts.
She is powered by a hybrid propulsion system privileging range and autonomy rather than speed. With a 20-knot wind, its fully automated “wings” are able to drive it at 15 knots, without any engine assistance. On hybrid mode, the vessel is expected to save at least 30 percent on fuel over long distances.