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An analysis of the 30+ metre aluminium yacht market by Superyacht iQ


insightsThe market for aluminium motor yachts 30 + metres over the past ten years is being analysed by Superyacht iQ. Superyacht IQ is the new intelligence division of the SuperYacht Company, which have been collecting data about 6000 super yachts.
Concerning the aluminium motor yacht over 30 metres market, here are some of the results of the analysis: 245 30 + m motor yachts where completed with an aluminium hull. A list of the market leaders based on the number of deliveries and completed hulls:
1. Heesen Yachts – 34 deliveries;
2.Trinity Yachts – 31 deliveries;
3. Palmer Johnson – 23 deliveries;
4. Baglietto – 20 deliveries;
5. Mondomarine and Admiral – 13 deliveries each.
These six shipyards together have built almost the 55% of all aluminium motor yachts over 30 metres built in the past 10 years.
The Superyacht iQ also collected opinions and insights about the market by some of the leader shipyards above mentioned and more, focusing on the perception of the crisis and of the latest trends of the market.
Heesen Yacht, Mondomarine, Overmarine, Pershing, Rossi Navi, and Turquoise Yachts all agree in saying that there is not a growing ‘fashion’ in aluminium built vessels, but that this metal is getting to be the obvious choice of material for various reasons. First of all, being very flexible, it allows for more easily customisable designs –and customisation is what is mostly required by the market nowadays; moreover, it has a very long life cycle and it is much easier to recycle than, for instance, GRP –and that is also necessary, with more and more eco friendly requirements and regulations to be fulfilled. Heesen Yachts’ Marketing and Sales Director, Mark Cavendish, also notices on the matter that aluminium’s popularity also depends on dimensions: it is most frequently used in high speed yachts ranging from 40 metres on, while GRP is more used below 35 metres. Cristian Schwarzwälder, Sales Director of Turquoise Yachts, adds that aluminium is more suitable for high performance vessels, and performance requirements are growing higher.
In regards of trends and crisis perception, Heesen Yachts feels there is a growing interest in the aluminium motor yacht market. Roberto Zambrini, CEO of Mondomarine, points out that nowadays clients are looking for comfort and lower running costs: fuel economy and high range are way better rated than high speed performance.
Overmarine’s Commercial Director, Francesco Frediani, does not think that the demand is growing in this segment of the market: the shipyard has faced the crisis with great flexibility, developing the ability to offer alternatives satisfying different requests and different segments of the yacht market.
According to Stefano del Vico, Chief Commercial Officer of the Ferretti Group, the market has overtaken the hardest part of the crisis, which had involved all the nautical sector.