Nautica Italiana – the recovery of the sector and the opportunities of the territory

LaSpeziaLast Thursday, the La Spezia section of ATENA Associazione Italiana di Tecnica Navale, held a conference at the Circolo Ufficiali Vittorio Veneto of the Military Marina (La Spezia) about the recovery of the nautical industry and the upcoming opportunities for the territories.
Main speaker was the engineer Lorenzo Pollicardo, Nautica Italiana’s General Secretary, one of the major international experts of the sector. He outlined a detailed overview on the nautical market, both national and international, with a special quantitative and qualitative insight on the current trends.
The global scenario is providing hints for development perspectives of the La Spezia surrounding territory and for the Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea. More in details: last year showed the first slight signs of recovery, even thought in a complex international context.
On the one hand, the Mediterranean area shows remarkable positive signs thanks to a more structured market demand compared to the ones of the Central and Northern Europe; on the other hand, it suffers the consequences of a worrying geopolitical and social situation, especially in the southern area.
As a background for this scenario, there is an evolving internal demand both in products and in budgets in the Italian sector.
Once again, the added value is offered by excellence and quality of the Made-in-Italy on the international markets.
In this context, stakeholders and the local institutions finally understood the strategic importance and the potential economic return of valorizing the coastal areas.
A discussion among important representatives of both the Institutions and the entrepreneurs followed.