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TripinView, a platform for destination research of Touristical Ports worldwide


tripinviewTripinView, a true Visual Travel website, will be officially presented at a press conference held by Assonat and Geotag Aeroview at the 14th edition of the SEATEC Expo in Carrara, on April 7th 2016.
After 3 years of filming from a helicopter and the geotagging of all visual material, Tripinview is now online and offers, among others, plenty of high-definition images of the various and stunning nautical and touristic offer.
TripinView is a worldwide innovative website displaying geo-tagged aerial photos and videos of the entire coastline of countries with a proved strong maritime tourism. The aim of the platform is to influence the vacation planning of sea enthusiasts through predictive ways, meaning that possible destinations can be fully explored and virtually experienced in advance. Thanks to the new technology TriSynchron®, the visual contents interact in real time with a map, where all relevant information about the visualized location such as ports, close-by cities, hotels and other local activities, are displayed.
The website currently features photographic contents about the most prominent coastlines already populated with the majority of leisure travelers: the Mediterranean area (including Greece and its islands, Italy with Sicily, Sardinia and the Aeolian Islands, France with Corsica and Monaco, Spain with the Balearic Islands, Malta and Portugal’s southern coastline) the Caribbean and the South-Asian area.
More location will be covered in the future all around the world, and all beaches, anchorages, ports as well as hotels and attractions will be labeled. Hoteliers will be allowed to create a profile about their activity so to further promote their touristic location on the website.