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Nauticsud 2016: exceeding expectations


nauticsud-2015-640x25670.000 attendances at the Mostra d‘Oltremare. Next event with ANRC (Associazione Nautica Regionale Campana) will be the 28th edition of Navigare on October 22nd 2016.

70.000 tickets sold and more than 100 exhibitors at the last edition of Nauticsud, the International Nautical Show in Naples. Nevertheless, the success of the event is not only to be found in those numbers. Mostra d’Oltremare confirmed once again to be an important motor for the local economy, enhancing those sectors of the industry which need spaces where to promote themselves.
Giuseppe Oliviero, Managing Director of Mostra d’Oltremare, explained: “NauticSud has a more than forty year tradition which was going to be lost. We worked hard to revive it and, collaborating with the main figures of the sector who are the local entrepreneurs, we relaunched it. Naples has understood and appreciated our commitment, and it overwhelmed the Mostra d’Oltremare”.
“With great emotion and satisfaction – declares Donatella Chiodo, Mostra d’Oltremare’s President – I can affirm that NauticSud reached important results. The International Nautical Show has been realized without any public funding, gathering an important participation of both shipyards and visitors”. About the collaboration with the local sailing associations and the new focus on a younger public and water sports, the President said: “We are sure that easing the fruition of the sea to new generation is the right path to follow in order to strengthen the link existing between the city and the sea”.
The relaunched NauticSud is the result of a strong synergy with the nautical industries located in Campania: as told by Gennaro Amato, President of ANRC, the show was not only the occasion for exhibitors to sell their products, but also to make favorable agreements with the institutions and with the Regional Ministry.