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New 100m explorer yacht design by Impossible Production and Tim Dempers Studio


impossible-productions-100m-yachtNew York-based Impossible Productions Ink LLC worked in partnership with Capetown-based Tim Dempers Studio to create a new 100-metre hybrid explorer yacht concept able to carry several different type of vehicles in a reconfigurable cargo deck platform, to fully respond to the owner’s wishes. The project was designed with global exploration in mind, yet remains open to be adapted as needed by the client.
The cargo deck has a layout creating a protected space between two accommodation blocks which can be used either for entertainment, or as tender or container storage.
Such deck space features room enough to carry a seaplane or a sail yacht, hovercrafts, land vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, or even the most eccentric hot air balloons!
All these options are in addition to the vessels’ own helicopter, a Triton submarine, jet skis and 18m tender: all of them are stored in indoor climate-controlled areas to prevent corrosion.
Accommodation areas are found on the two blocks on deck and will offer 360-degree views as well as private, sunken sundecks. The forward “pod” area is the ship’s command centre and incorporates office space as well as mission-based planning areas. The aft pod is the owner’s accommodation block.
A kitchen, lifeboats, an outdoor cinema or the inclusion of photovoltaic cell panels are some of the optional features that can be customized in the reconfigurable design, and the company is willing to get further suggestions from interested future owners.