Yacht Med Festival ‐ Blue Tunisia Lazio International

blue tunisia lazio internationalThe first edition of the Yacht Med Festival Blue Tunisia Lazio International will be taking place at the port of Gammarth (Tunisi), from October 12th to 26th 2016.
Announced during the presentation of the tenth edition of Yacht Med Festival (The International Fair for the Sea Economy), which will take place earlier this spring (April 22nd – May 1st), its originating idea came at the 2013 edition of YMF and in the forum “The Mediterranean area: a sea of opportunities between Italy and Tunisia”, held in 2014 in Gaeta.
Tunisia has been chosen as partner of the event because of its strategic position in the Maghreb region, as well as its attracting market and its laws and regulations that have been drawn so to enhance the foreign funding and partnership.
“A show about internationalization and integration – explained Vincenzo Zottola, President of Unioncamere Lazio and the Camera di Commercio di Latina, who is organizing the event sponsored by AIPS Europe and Istituto Commercio Estero with the media partnerships of the Sole 24 Ore group and Radio Kiss Kiss – we will keep on with the path undertaken in the past years, to reinforce and to start new international partnerships of great relevance. We will host the first edition of the Euro Meds Day of the Sea Economy, which will see representatives coming from the whole Euro-Mediterranean area to discuss and to share goo practices and new projects. With important delegations from Tunisia and Iran, moreover, we will be signing agreements to support our companies abroad.”
The event in Tunisi has been made possible by the fruitful and long-lasting collaboration between the Chamber of Commerce of Latina and the Tuniso-Italian Chamber of Commerce. Tunisia is in fact the first country in the Mediterranean area to be chosen to export the model of the Yacht Med Festival.
The President of the Tuniso-Italian Chamber of Commerce, Mourad Fradi, explained that the show has the aim to enhance the internationalization process, which is a contemporary need for the national and regional companies looking for new markets to face the decrease of the internal demand.  The enterprises working in the Sea Economy will be able to enter the Tunisian market thanks to a show underlining the quality of the Made in Italy and giving them a great visibility, as well as to sign further agreements with local and international enterprises. The idea is to support the economical fields with high potential of expansion, whose satellite activities will be carried towards a common growth.