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UCINA’s six-monthly market analysis on trends for the Italian nautical industry


ucina_marina-itaThe results of the six-monthly market analysis realised by the Ufficio Studi of the Association UCINA have been released, providing provisory data about the closing of the last year and the current trends for the year 2015/2016.
“On the basis of data related to sales and orders reported by the companies in the first part of the current nautical year (September 2015 – August 2016), we can confirm the positive trend for the nautical industry in Italy, with an expected growth between 5% and 10%. Even though the market has been slowing down in the first months of 2016” – commented UCINA’s president Carla Demaria – the spring season opens with good perspectives”.
2015 saw an improvement of the previsions diffused after the Genoa Boat Show with a +12% variation of the global income of the nautical industry compared to the previous year. Analysing the individual sectors, the performance of the shipbuilding sector stands out with a growth of more than 13%. Positive results also involve the production of engines (+13%) and of accessories and components (+7%). About the shipbuilding sector, the national market reached an increase of 35% in contracts during the two months after the Genoa Boat Show. According to data provided by Assilea – Associazione italiana del Leasing, the number of contracts increased to 135% in the first two months of the year.