The 77m NB 63 superyacht by Turquoise Yachts


turquoise-yachts-77mThe 77m NB 63 project, a concept by H2 Yacht Design, is currently under construction at Turquoise Yachts. Mehmet Karabeyoglu, CEO of Turquoise Yachts, said this would be an evolutionary step for the shipyard.
The hull has been already completed, work has now started on the superstructure, which will be completed until the upper deck in a month. The vessel is expected to be ready to be delivered in a bit less than two years.
Her design has been undertaken by Jonny Horsfield, who had already worked on Vicky and Talisman projects for Turquoise Yachts. The NB 63 project had started as the evolution of those very two models and, while the design process had already made some changes, a client showed interest in it and suggested adding a fourth deck. The sale did not come as expected, but the new requirements helped Turquoise Yacht and H2 Yacht Design to define further changes for an even more appealing vessel.
The most substantial changes were made to the layout.
The fourth deck was entirely dedicated to a private use master’s suite, while all guest accommodation (eight guest cabins in total) is on the main deck right below. The forward facing master suite features a private balcony, with 360 degrees views upon the surrounding landscape.
About the owner-dedicated deck, Mehmet Karabeyoglu commented: “Depending on the owner of course, people tend to like their own space and life while they’re entertaining guests. With this layout they have an upper deck level dedicated to them, and they can have the guests using the main deck, lower deck and beach club – providing the option of separation – but they often don’t need to use it that way.”
Another important change in comparison with Vicky and Talisman, is the design of the spaces where tenders will be located. Both the previous models had their tenders aft in the traditional manner, while the NB 63 locates tenders amidships. The garage was designed and developed starting from 3 selected tenders, a Pascoe, a Compass and a Hodgdon, which is a different approach.
Where there once was a garage, a generous beach club has been located, with opening doors port and starboard and opening flush hatch. When underway, this space can also easily be used as another salon or entertaining area, as it features large windows and nicely decorated interiors.