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Scenic Eclipse will be equipped with Azipod D propulsion systems by ABB


ABBABB will equip the Scenic Eclipse luxury cruiser with two 3MW Azipod D propulsion systems.
The 3MW Azipod D electric marine propulsion system is based on gearless thruster technology: such technology, combined with high motor efficiency and advanced hydrodynamic design, will allow for increased flexibility, lower maintenance costs, reduced fuel consumption.
The engine is to be mounted outside the vessel, so that passengers will enjoy much more silent cruising with reduced vibrations, and the space saved is made available for other purposes.
ABB Marine and Ports business managing director Juha Koskela said: “Scenic Eclipse maintains the strong tradition of Azipod propulsion powering some of the world’s most innovative ships. With our unrivalled pedigree in the passenger and icebreaking segments, we are able to meet the owner’s demands for a flexible and efficient propulsion system which can operate safely in all sea conditions.”
Scenic Eclispse will be the first passenger ship to be fitted with ABB’s Azipod propulsion system.
Built by Uljanik Group in Croatia, the 168m Scenic Eclipse will be a six-star, luxury megayacht and cruise through Arctic and Antarctic waters in the summer season. Rated as a Polar Class 6 (Ice Class 1A Super) vessel, it will be equipped with the new zero speed stabiliser fins for greater stability.
The hull will be able to make its way through ice and will have two engine rooms in separate fire zones, two wheel houses, and two galleys and refrigeration units.
The ten-deck ship, expected for launch in 2018, will accommodate 228 passengers across 114 all-balcony suites.


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