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F&SForesti&Suardi present a lighting products a real new is the STRIPLIGHT series, that includes different extruded profiles with base structure of aluminum and LED technology at its best. The great strength of the STRIPLIGHT elements resides into the numerous variety of shapes for the bases and for the lighting components, and into the many types of fixings and accessories, like flanges, caps, fastenings with or without integrated switch. Every STRIPLIGHT component is purposely designed and manufactured for the utilization in a marine environment, and so they’re resistant to corrosion and aggressive agents, thanks to the implementation of dedicated seals and plastic elements, specifically treated to last forever even in presence of strong salinity and humidity. The diffusor lenses are provided with opal or transparent finishing and coupled with several types of power and color temperature. The wide selection of shapes, powers and finishing makes the STRIPLIGHT profiles the ideal choice for any application, not only for a marine environment: diffused or focused lighting, courtesy lights, environmental and complementary lighting, decoration.

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