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UFO, Unidentified Floating Object: a watercraft concept by Jet Capsule


UFOAn Italian design team, the Naples-based Jet Capsule, unveiled a very original concept:  the UFO, Unidentified Floating Object, which is called after her iconic shape.
The vessel is composed of two fiberglass spherical shells: the floating yacht has a circular sundeck measuring 12.5 metres in diameter. The main purpose of the concept is to create a new way of perceiving yachting life: the UFO is more like a floating house, rather than a yacht, designed to cruise the ocean slowly in full tranquility and luxury. The watercraft is designed to maintain its position and stability, even in rough seas, using a special elastic anchor system.
Living space onboard features a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping quarters, and an underwater lounge to watch life underwater. The indoor living room and kitchen area are to be found on the main level, while a ladder connects to the sub-level featuring the bathroom and one of the most exciting parts of the project: the underwater viewing area. All living spaces are elegantly furnished and feature luxury amenities usually found in luxury vessels and houses: they can nonetheless be entirely customized, alongside with a sundeck which can include a bike path or lounge area according to the owner’s wishes.
The floating home is environmentally friendly and entirely self sufficient: solar panels or water turbines teamed with an electric engine and water generator power the vessel, provide drinking water, and also maintain the vegetable garden.
Pierpaolo Lazzarini, now in charge of design and product development at Jet Capsule, had previously launched the Jet Capsule, a miniyacht unveiled in 2013, and the fast and compact Reptile, launched in early 2015. All project aim to be easy to handle and yet spacious enough for luxury entertainment. The Jet Capsule company was then in 2011.
The company is currently looking for investors to develop a working UFO prototype.