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Piero Ferrari in the nautical industry, together with Ferretti


piero-ferrari-entra-in-ferrettiThe Italian entrepreneur will be in partnership with Ferretti. He will have a share of 13,2 %.

Piero Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari’s son, officially announced that he will be part of the Ferretti Group with a share of 13,2%. His passion for luxury cars now evolves into the one for the yachting world.
Ferretti, the iconic Italian company which is a symbol of excellence renowned all over the world, was bought in 2012 by a Chinese consortium guided by Tan Xuguang for a little more than 374 million euro.
The first quarter saw a profit between 5 and 6 million euro: a surprising result. A lot of funds were invested in research and development, more than 50 millions, and the results came up soon. The value of the production increased from 334 to 410 millions.
Alberto Galassi, part of the Ferretti Group as well, is proud of the interest Piero Ferrari showed for the Ferretti Group. He is an experienced entrepreneur and a true yachting enthusiast. The company had been long criticized for selling to the Asiatic consortium, but now Galassi underlines the deep Italian-ness of the brand: “Our brand has always been 100% Italian, simply because our production and the whole management have always been centered only onto the national territory. Concerning investors, it is important that there are always some, and the colour of their flag is only a detail”.