Phoenix2, a New York Art Deco Style superyacht

poolAn owner with a great passion for Art Deco style lead, for the second time in twelve years, to a stunning superyacht decorated in one of the most famous art stiles of the beginning of last century.
His original vessel, named Phoenix, a yacht just under 200-feet, had been launched in 2004, and was inspired by French Art Nouveau style. Although satisfied with the result, the owner soon wished for a new yacht featuring another opulent Art Deco inspired interior. This time, it was to be inspired by the Art Deco Style typical in New York (just to mention some of the most iconic Art Deco buildings in NY: the Chrysler one, Radio City Music Hall, Brodway, etc.).
Phoenix2 is a 300-foot superyacht designed by Winch Design, a London-based design studio specialising in superyacht, private aviation, and ultra-high-end architecture design, and built by German shipyard Lurssen, same team that took care of the previous Phoenix. The yacht is a celebration of New York Art Deco design, satisfying the owner’s passion for art and music as well.
There’s a Steinway grand piano a formal saloon in addition to silk sunray-pattered carpets and a ceiling adorned with hand-gilded phoenix birds. The dining room is lit from above like a Broadway stage. The forward bulkhead is emblazoned with a six-paneled relief sculpture of musicians. The foyer is inspired by Radio City Music Hall.