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Introducing Mastervolt’s Mass Combi Pro


7127_combipro12vrvMastervolt’s keenly priced inverter and battery charger for silent and seamless output equipped with all the latest technologies

Mastervolt, the market leader in off grid power systems, is proud to announce the latest evolution of its hugely successful range of combined inverters and battery chargers, the Mass Combi Pro.
This new series of compact, lightweight and silent power systems has been aimed at professional use, and is essentially a leaner version of the more sophisticated Mass Combi Ultra. However, this streamlined version packs all the punch expected from the pioneers of seamless power transfer, and is available in both 12V and 24V versions.
The Mass Combi Pro range is ideal for vehicles, boats and other applications where continuous and dependable mains (AC) power is needed when away from a grid connection. Instead, the Mass Combi Pro draws power from all available on-board sources to deliver spike-free mains current, switching automatically between the sources as required, but able to reconnect to a mains supply when available.

Three-Phase Ability
Like the Mass Combi Ultra, the Pro models offer a paralleling option with ‘scalable’ power outputs, and can also drive three-phase loads such as pumps and heavy machinery. It is especially suited for high power applications, such as on large motoryachts, where there is usually no need for the solar and secondary chargers found on the Utra range, so as a value-for-money alternative, these are not included. Instead, the Pro offers a powerful charger, inverter and transfer system with two AC inputs and two AC outputs, all in one lightweight and easily-installed case.
The Mass Combi Pro is available in two versions, the 12/3000-150 (12 V system, 3000W inverter with a 150A charger) and the 24/3500 – 100 (24V system, 3,500W inverter with a 100A charger).

Intelligent Charging
Both models have a battery charger that uses a three-step algorithm to improve performance and increase lifespan and has been specially designed to replenish all types of batteries, including Mastervolt’s own cutting-edge Litium Ion Ultra range. The inverter element delivers voltage with a pure sine wave so all 230V equipment, including sensitive computers and entertainment systems function without a blip. The peak power rating of 200% allows for the high start-up loads of items such as air conditioning, and the smooth switching between the generator, grid or inverter prevents the inadvertent shutdown of critical equipment in use. There is also a Power Assist function, which takes additional power from the batteries when the link to the shore power is poor, or has a low fuse rating.
As with all Mastervolt power management equipment, the Mass Combi Pro is fully compatible with the MasterBus system, allowing it to be remotely monitored and controlled via a single plug and play cable.
The Mass Combi Pro has been launched as the ‘best value for money’ model within the Mass Combi range. With the exception of the solar and slave chargers, it has all the features of the Ultra models, with the robust build, silent operation, and high build quality synonymous with the Mastervolt brand.

Key Features:
Compact, lightweight case (472H x 318W x 178Dmm 15.3kg)
Nominal voltage: 12V (12/300-150) or 24V (24/3500-100)
Output voltage: 230V (adjustable 180V-260V)
Quiet, highly efficient inverter using high-frequency V6 technology
Intelligent, three-step battery charger for longest possible battery life
Dual input for generator and grid power
Dual output offers option to supply heavy loads directly to preserve batteries
Heavy duty (50A) switching relay
Provides up to 50% of inverter power without fan cooling, ideal at night
Multiple automatic distribution and transfer system for quick response to loads
Pure sine wave output prevents damage to sensitive electronics
Parallel connection of up to 10 devices up to 35kW
Three phase configuration possible for up to 9 devices up to 31.5kW
Smooth switching between generator, grid and inverter to prevent glitches
200% peak power from inverter to meet heavy start up loads
Full charge current and inverter output up to 40°C, typical in engine rooms
Professional connectors for quick installation and dependable operation
Full CE certification and E-marking for the mobile market
Plug and play integration with MasterBus monitoring and control system.