Navigami boat show: even with no sea, Milan is a ‘city of water’


navigami_MIIn the “Darsena”, 42 boats up to 12-metre animated the weekend

Milan has no sea, but it’s the Italian city with the largest number of inhabitants owning a nautical driving licence. Here’s the reason why since 2010, a true boat show takes place on the Navigli: Navigami. This year the show was held in the newly renovated “Darsena”, the ancient port where boats would unload sand and gravel until the Seventies. Vittorio Gargaglione, event director of Navigli Lombardi, said: “We started seven years ago with the hope to bring Milan back to its vocation of city of water. Unfortunately the ‘Darsena’ had not been renovated yet, but after seven years we brought the port back to the city. Navigami, this years, has reached new records in attendances, we had 42 boats, the main small and medium shipyards in the nautical sector in Italy and Lombardy, so we are quite satisfied”.
The show was a showcase for nautical professionals and amateurs from about 11-metre long motorboats to the smallest boats on the market.
“We hope to contribute to the revitalization of the sector which, in recent times, has had some positive evolutions after three or four years of crisis”.