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Feadship’s new 70-metre superyacht Joy


JoyFeadship’s latest vessel, a 70-metre superyacht called Joy, has been shown to her owners.
Designed by British studio Bannenberg & Rowell according to a first-time owner’s requirements, she meant several challenges for the Dutch yard: nonetheless, the custom yacht building team was able to bring such an exciting project to reality.
“It has been a great pleasure to work with an owner who was keen to bring something new to the superyacht world in the same way as my father did from the early 80s onwards with Feadship and others,” comments Dickie Bannenberg at the ceremony over the past weekend. “While our design studio has an excellent reputation for interiors, including twelve for Feadship owners, Joy is the first visible exterior design of a new era for us.”
Joy’s exterior surfaces create a very recognizable appearance, and also draw and positively affect the interior areas. “Our team was inspired by the sleek profile to create a natural flow between the interior and exterior spaces facilitated by the layout,” explained Mike Fisher of Studio Indigo who created the interior spaces. “To further enhance the feeling of space, a clever use of finishes, materials and styling makes the exteriors feel like they are an extension of the interior spaces. Moreover, every living area has windows looking out onto the wide walkways, making the rooms feel much larger than they are.”
“The owner’s wishes have been successfully combined with Feadship’s experience and the excellent teams from Studio Indigo and Bannenberg & Rowell to fashion a truly pioneering 70-metre yacht,” concluded Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Feadship Director.


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