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Honda Marine and H2O Sports Manufacturing reviving the iconic Trophy brand boat


2204 [Converted]Honda Marine, providing a complete range of outboard marine 4-stroke engines, and H2O Sports Manufacturing, a boat builder of Clearwater Sport Fishing Boats, Cape Craft Sport Fishing Boats and Outcast Skiffs, agreed to revive the iconic Trophy brand boat with a new lineup of skiffs to be powered exclusively by Honda Marine engines.
The new Trophy boat models will be manufactured exclusively with new tooling, incorporating the latest technology. The Trophy lineup will be composed of four skiffs: 1800SVK, 2000SKV, 2200SVK and 2400SVK. Production is to begin summer 2016 at the H2O Sports Manufacturing facility in Americus, Ga. Honda Marine will supply H2O with outboard engines from its mid-range BF Series (BF40, BF50, BF60, BF75, BF90 and BF100) and High Power BF Series (BF115, BF135, BF150, BF200, BF225 and BF250).
The new Trophy boats feature wood-free construction (100 percent composite materials with stringers made from coosa and/or three-inch fiber reinforced foam); upholstery designed and sewn on-site and made with Sunbrella UV protecting fabrics; walk-in consoles; a full liner; vinyl ester resin; a spray core; and a lifetime warranty on the boat structure.

Honda Marine outboards
The BF40 – BF250 range of Honda Marine outboards is the leading outboard choice, incorporating innovative design elements. Depending on different models, various Honda Exclusives are integrated into the design of the BF40 – BF250 range:
Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) System improves hole shot and acceleration by advancing ignition spark timing to within one degree of the knock limit during ‘hammer down’ acceleration. The Engine Control Module (ECM) then steps in to increase injector timing, creating a more potent air/fuel mixture. The resulting boost in available torque at low rpm contributes to a strong hole shot to get the boat up on plane quickly. The ignition spark timing is appropriately adjusted under slower throttle advancement, ensuring a leaner air/fuel mix and class-leading fuel efficiency.
Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC), a Honda exclusive, utilizes mild cam lobes to operate intake valves at low rpm, then engages a high-output lobe for higher-rpm operation. The design provides a unique blend of power, torque and efficiency at any speed.
– Intelligent Shift and Throttle (Drive by Wire iST) provides electronic shifting via a compact under-the-cowl design.
Lean Burn Control automatically adjusts the air/fuel mix according to speed and load while maximizing power throughout the acceleration range – providing as much as 20 percent greater fuel efficiency in cruise mode (2,000 to 4,500 rpm).
– 3-Way Cooling System reduces engine heat by allowing the cylinder head to run slightly cooler than the cylinder block, reducing engine wear.
– 4-Front Corrosion Protection System, a patented double-sealed, multi-layer paint process, fights off corrosion from harsh marine environments. The base is a corrosion-resistant Honda aluminum alloy, followed by a double-sealed treatment, an epoxy primer undercoat, and an acrylic resin metallic coating, finished with a clear overcoat of acrylic.
– Engine Command System accepts input from 18 different sensors to help deliver clean starts, smooth operation, strong performance and excellent fuel efficiency.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy