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CRN takes part in the Compasso d’oro Design Exhibition and Award


CRN Chopi Chopi 80mCRN is taking part in the 24th edition of the Compasso d’Oro Exhibition, the oldest and most prestigious design award in the world organised by ADI, the Italian Industrial Design Association.
A model of the famous 80-metre motoryacht Chopi Chopi, CRN’s current flagship, will be on display at the exhibition (until 22 June at Palazzo Isimbardi in Milan), in a faithful reproduction of the largest pleasure vessel built to date by CRN.
By taking part in this exhibition, the Ancona-based Shipyard once again proves its great interest for culture and the will to communicate the style of its yachts in a special venue devoted to the excellence of design.
The 1:100 scale model of CRN’s flagship on display is the perfect reproduction of a yacht that epitomizes the soul and innovative features of all CRN vessels, icons of genuine Italian design. Conceived as a family house, the Chopi Chopi stands out for her generous volumes and spaces, her streamlined profile and sinuous lines, great care for details and onboard comfort, excellent use of light, and, above all, the constant direct visual contact she enjoys with the sea.
The Chopi Chopi is in perfect harmony with the spirit of this exhibition, whose aim is to highlight and promote the value and quality of Italian design products, of which CRN is a leading ambassador all over the world also thanks to the award-winning Chopi Chopi.