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Mastervolt introduces the BattMan range of affordable highly accurate battery monitors


battman-proEasy-to-fit BattMan Lite and BattMan Pro models provide backlit battery monitoring that displays critical battery information under all conditions, inside or out.

Mastervolt, the Dutch-based leader in the field of off-grid electrical systems, has extended its range of battery monitors with the new BattMan series. Housed within a rugged splash-proof case, these battery monitors feature an intuitive user interface and can monitor a 12V / 24V service battery bank plus an auxiliary (starter) battery.

Accurate battery monitoring
In order to keep them in good condition, your valuable batteries should never be deep discharged. Reliable information on energy usage and time remaining will prevent nasty surprises such as a flat battery. The highly accurate BattMan devices provide a clear and timely indication when it is time to recharge your batteries. It supports a programmable alarm output, so a warning may sound when the battery bank is nearing a critical state of discharge. This feature alone could save an owner a great deal of money on battery replacements.

Time remaining and data collection
The BattMan is available in two versions, the standard BattMan Lite, and the more advanced BattMan Pro. Both models come with a quick release bracket and feature a clear, splash-proof display that shows the discharge current and remaining battery capacity. The more advanced BattMan Pro offers the additional benefit of showing remaining battery life in hours and minutes, and also collects historic data and special battery events. The Pro also has an even greater accuracy and can handle large battery banks.
Both models offer highly reliable readings and are supplied with a 500A shunt, along with a concise installation and operation manual. There’s even a free screwdriver in the kit. Quick to install, and simple to use, the BattMan monitors can be connected to any recreational or professional application where constant and accurate monitoring of battery status is desired.
The new, affordable BattMan will add to the reliability of your energy system by extending battery life and preventing unexpected surprises.

Technical specifications
Product code Lite 70405060; Pro 70405070 Battery voltage 12 V / 24 V Standby consumption 9 mA / 7 mA Max battery capacity Lite 999 Ah; Pro 9999Ah Shunt 500 A Voltage accuracy Lite 0.3 % +/- 0.1 V Pro 0.3 % +/- 0.01 V Current accuracy low range Lite 0.4 % +/- 0.1 A (< 100 A) Pro 0.4 % +/- 0.1 A (< 200 A) Current accuracy high range Lite 0.4 % +/- 1 A (> 100 A) Pro 0.4 % +/- 1 A (> 200 A) Language display universal Alarm output potential free contact Protection degree splash proof front (IP65) Size front panel Ø 64 mm / 2.5 inch Size total depth 79 mm / 3.1 inch Size built-in Ø 52 mm / 2.1 inch – 72.5 mm / 2.9 inch Size shunt 87 x 45 x 35 mm (3.3 x 1.7 x 1.4 inch); M8 studs


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