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CRN, ‘We reinvented the idea of bespoke’


new CRN adv campaign2016Bespoke products, reflecting the preferences and the personality of their owner, offered with an innovative approach. These are the messages conveyed by the new advertising campaign by CRN, Ferretti Group’s Italian brand and shipyard specialising in the construction of 45 to 100 metre, steel and aluminium mega yachts.
The campaign centres on the claim “We reinvented the idea of Bespoke”, expressing the brand’s focus on craftsmanship and style and representing the true added value of products designed & made in Italy. The claim highlights the essence of the shipyard’s role: taking the wishes of its well-informed and demanding customers, and giving them a tangible form with no limits.
Like a genuine atelier, where customers come to get a suit made to measure, CRN has re-invented a new way of building tailor-made yachts with the same approach as a master tailor. Each customer has their own specific measurements and needs, and no “suit” should ever be the same as another, even if they are made by the same hand. The superyachts built by CRN reflect the vision of their owners, matching their personal taste and style while fulfilling specific needs and desires.
The yachts are the true protagonists in the new campaign designed by Milan’s Savile Row agency with creative director Lorenzo Cascino, seen to be fully-customised icons for people who expect to stand out from the crowd with a fully-customized pleasure vessel, a unique example designed by CRN’s Bespoke Atelier. Each of the shipyard’s yacht is a unique work of art, expressing the vision described by the owner, before being a recognisable member of the CRN fleet.
All the yachts in the fleet are a combination of a flexible approach and a sense of passion. The 55 metre M/Y Atlante, the latest to be built by CRN, is the perfect example of this. It’s strong style and personality embodies the Bespoke model of the brand to perfection.
CRN’s ‘We Reinvented the Idea of Bespoke’ campaign will feature in selected off line media and in the brand’s social media channels starting in July 2016.


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