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A new Scandinavian 108-superyacht concept to experience the beauty of nature


scandinavian_1The Norwegian Hareide Design studio has unveiled its latest 108-metre superyacht concept, aiming to shift the trends in superyacht design from traditional luxury to the experience of nature.
The contemporary hybrid concept has been imagined and drawn by Einar Hareide, who had formerly been design director at SAAB Automobile and founder of the industrial Hareide Design studio: the overall appearance of the vessel, in fact, draws heavily from the industrial background of the renowned automotive designer.
With a new idea about yachting, the Scandinavian firm whishes to change it from extrovert admiration of a floating luxury hotel into the active experience of the beauty of nature and the changing elements.
Such idea of enjoying an immersive voyage in nature is conveyed through an elevated dining and viewing area, a tranquil garden surrounding a 20-metre pool and a seamless transition to the water at the stern.
Natural design elements such as flowing wood and greenery is the design translation of the hybrid technology proposed: 300sqm of high efficiency solar panels charging banks of lithium-ion batteries will contribute powering the vessel, providing it with sustainable energy and enough power for slow cruising along quiet shorelines. Diesel-electric propulsion has been chosen to allow for longer crossings.
The lifestyle design features include a grand hall, extensive use of glass across the exterior to provide views of the surrounding landscapes and a helicopter landing pad to welcome guests on board the superyacht.


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The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy