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A new look for your boat with Ritrama Ri-wrap Marine


Ritrama_RI-WRAP_300DPIRitrama, the leading Italian manufacturer of self-adhesive materials, offers the wide format RI-WRAP Marine series for the boat wrapping market. Boat wrapping films are enjoying growing popularity throughout the world of sailing as it allows for more efficient and cost effective renovation of the hull than traditional painting. The film also acts as a waterproof barrier protecting the hull above the waterline and hence keeping it in good condition.


Ship owners prefer this method to painting because it saves a considerable amount of time and money – with amazing results! In just a few hours, a boat will be given a whole new look with lasting new colours.  In fact, the RI-WRAP Marine range guarantees a high level of UV protection and high resistance to fading while providing a shield to protect against scratches and abrasions.


The RI-WRAP Marine series consists of 130μ CAST vinyl films with repositionable permanent adhesive. The available colour range includes five contemporary colours ranging from blue to grey: Hot Wheels, Blue Indigo, St. Moritz, Grey and Silver Kandy.  In line with the rest of the RI-WRAP range, the Marine series features micro-channel AirFlow technology which allows the operator to apply the film quickly, without bubbles or wrinkles, even on slightly curved or convex surfaces.


Application is clean and easy; the boat will have not have to be taken out of the water for long and there is no need to dismantle the hull. It is sufficient to clean the boat thoroughly and smooth over any damaged or uneven surface areas. The whole process will take no longer than a few days, if not hours; for example, a 13 meters boat can be completely wrapped in just 10 hours without the need for any special film treatment. Unlike traditional painting, there is no need to varnish or treat the film-covered surface. Cleaning with water and soap is all that is required!


Ritrama RI-WRAP CAST Marine offers boat wrapping as a real multi-purpose solution to meet a diverse range of customer requirements: from a straightforward upgrade in appearance, to the protection of the hull against UV rays or external conditions to cost savings and high quality performance.