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Wider 150 Genesi, a revolutionary superyacht


genesiWider 150 Genesi, delivered in April this year and later awarded the World Superyacht Award 2016, is the “epitome of a modern yacht”, as stated by Roger Lean Vercoe, chairman of the Judges.
The latest Wider yachts, the 125, 150 and 165, brought to the yachting world some revolutionary ideas, from eco-friendly propulsion systems and innovative layout with repositioned areas and new spaces. Even the smallest innovations have concurred to create a brand-new approach to modern yachting, which is certainly appealing younger owners.

An eco-friendly propulsion system
In the pursuit of a really efficient and green vessel, the Wider team came up with a diesel electric propulsion system as a satisfying solution. Tilli Antonelly, Wider’s founder and CEO, explained: “With the battery pack you can stay at anchor in a bay, you can run everything for 8 hours with no generators running at all, in complete silence, with no smoke or smell from exhaust. To fully recharge the batteries it takes an hour and 45 minutes and then you have another 8 hours to sleep in silence.”
The vessel’s diesel electric propulsion system, combined with the intelligent layout and use of the forepeak for the four variable speed generators, is the reasons of an additional special commendation prize for Technology and Innovation.

The quietest yacht
Superyacht Genesi is the quietest yacht ever built to RINA Comfort Class, and the first yacht to obtain a perfect score for levels of sound and vibration.
“Among the yachts we have certified to date, Genesi is undoubtedly the best,” explained Fiorenzo Spadoni, RINA Manager, Italy Yachting Centre. “These results are primarily due to the use of a diesel electric propulsion systems but additionally thanks to the positioning of the diesel generators in the bow.”

Clever layout enhancing living spaces
The placement of the technical spaces forward in the bow  makes Genesi a yacht with unmatched living space. Wider Yachts have opened up a vast amount of space throughout the 150, and placed incredible care into how each area is used.
“We have made a lot of space for the cabins, we have made a lot of space for the big garage,” said Tilli Antonelli, Wider founder and CEO. “For a 47 metre yacht, we can house a tender of 32 feet plus swimming pool. This is because the space needed for this kind of propulsion has shrunk compared to a regular propulsion system.”

Owner’s apartment and folding balcony
One of the main spaces is the Owner’s Apartment, a 75sqm space which can be divided into two separate areas for work and life on board, and for rest and relaxation. The Owner’s balcony is also a very remarkable and innovative feature: again at the push of a button, the balcony folds 90° over the water. This balcony also has its automated window, opening and closing when the yacht is underway.

A deeper contact with the sea
A full-beam sky-lounge has been made possible thanks to two lateral wings on either side of the exterior: guests can enjoy the light and open space without sacrificing external walkways or crew areas. The sky lounge features a sliding door allowing guests to feel the breeze in full comfort or to step out and stand over the water.
The aft section of the yacht opens up to create an area for guests to enjoy the ocean: lateral aft platforms fold to the water, the stern opens to release the tender and then rejoins to create an impressive beach club. “The beach area is another point, where we tried to bring customers back to the sea level. A lot of the new construction projects have several decks, and you are more likely to smell the mountains than the sea. So we try to bring people back to the sea,” said Antonelli.