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Giovanni Toti: 4 million euro to the nautical events if the Genoa Boat Show keeps its leadership


genoaboatshowGiovanni Toti, President of Region Liguria, together with the Assessor Giacomo Giampedrone, met the maritime operators who took part in the presentation of the new protocol for the favoured Iva in the Marina Resorts. The Region considered the nautical industry among the four cornerstones for the relaunch of the economy of Liguria.
As Toti explained, the government is ready to support the two next edition of a Nautical Show with 4 million euro, but only on the condition that such show is the Genoa Boat Show and it is international. The public authorities, together with the nautical associations, are working to create the conditions for this to happen both in the present and in the future.
A new company under private law but with a public majority is being created, where the presidents are the Region through Filse, the Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce, and in minority the two associations UCINA and Nautica Italiana. It is meant to be created from a branch of the Fiera, which is in closure with the mission of the management of the nautical development.
The mission of such new company is taking care of the nautical industry, which means that it will also have to include Salone Nautico. It will be UCINA and Nautica Italiana’s duty to present a shared format of the event for the upcoming years, while the public authorities, holding the majority, will make the granting of the two docks available. Fiera Milano is welcome to candidate itself as an industrial partner: with its know-how, it might help the two associations in the definition of a new format and many more initiatives could begin.  Plenty of new events could be organized as complementary to the Genoa Boat Show. Toti mentioned Tigullio and Portofino as possible locations for more exclusive events, such as a showcase of the super top or boutique-events.
UCINA and Nautica Italiana are already having a conversation: Perotti, the previous UCINA’s president and Tacoli, current president of Nautica Italiana, are discussing the matter. It is really important that an agreement on such an important matter is found, and the will to collaborate will have positive outcomes for everyone, from nautical operators to the local economies.