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A new nautical event to be set in Tuscany, promoted by Nautica Italiana


Marina_di_CarraraNautica Italiana announced the project of an international event for the whole nautical industry to be held next spring between Versilia and Marina di Carrara: the association has received the support of Region Tuscany.
“Nautica Italiana thanks the President of Region Tuscany Enrico Rossi to have adopted and supported the projec of an international nautical event which includes a reorganization of an innovative “Sea Show” with the exposition in the water of boats and vessels of the Italian and International nautical productions – Yare (Viareggio), Seatec (Marina di Carrara) and ShowBoats Superyachts Awards (Florence).”
The aim of the project is to create a network of the existing events which are scheduled for different times of the year to start in may a new manifestation, open to all the protagonists of the sector, to focus on the excellence of the international nautical products and the related services.
“After the good news Governor Rossi gave us – commented Lamberto Tacoli, Nautica Italiana’s President – we can now say that we will be working immediately with the deepest engagement for the realisation, next may, of this event that will have the flavour of change and that will interpret the internationality of our sector. We are convinced that this is an opportunity to innovate and to grow for the whole nautical industry and for the Country. We refer to the need, which is also our belief, that the organizers are independent and professional companies and we will do everything possible so that the leader companies of the sector such as Fiera Milano can collaborate with realities already deeply rooted in the territory, such as Carrara Fiere and others, to the creation of a platform of real international content. We believe that such a schedule responds to the characteristics of the Project of a Programming Schedule of events that since the very beginning Nautica Italiana have been proposing to the local and national institutions in the respect of the roles and with a constructive approach.”
The programming schedule includes, according to Nautica Italiana, an international outdoor event in spring, dedicated to the medium-size businesses and the big companies of the nautical sector, and an indoor event in autumn, dedicated to the small businesses and to the water sports. Both of the events should be, according to Nautica Italiana, organized by capable and excellent trade fair companies, autonomous and super partes.