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The 2016 Monaco Yacht Show to showcase plenty of water toys


seabobThe Monaco Yacht Show has always been one of the most attended showcase for the latest luxury yachts: to complete the image of the yachting world and of the exciting life at sea, water toys could not be missing. Innovative tools for diving into the waters or exploring narrower coastlines will be on display at this upcoming edition of the show. Here’s a list of some of the superyacht toy brands to be found in the Monaco bay next september.

The SeaBob F5 S cannon boasts a propulsive force of 680 Newtons, allowing for incredible speeds while exploring the waters.

Kormaran K7
A transforming watercraft that can change even while driving, the K7 provides the best in high-octane formula one capabilities to shifting into a personal beach platform.

FunAir inflatables  offer the ultimate dimension for superyacht trips with superyacht slides, climbing walls, loungers and swimming pools.

Personal submersibles:

U-Boat Worx
An advanced  and distinctive submarine for personal use allowing for depths up to 300 metres (Superyacht Sub 3) or 1,700 metres (C-Researcher 3).

Luxury submersible offering exploration solutions for superyacht owners and researchers, featuring great views through its glass biome.

The zero emissions Deepflight Super Falcon offers easy use from yacht or shore and can reach depths of 120 metres. It automatically floats to the surface.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy