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The Italian Minister for the Economic Development asks for more collaboration between Ucina and Nautica Italiana


INAUGURAZIONE DEL 46/MO SALONE NAUTICO DI GENOVAThe Minister of the Economic Development Carlo Calenda threatened not to give any more money for next year’s edition of the Genoa Boat Show unless the two associations related to the nautical industry (Ucina and Nautica Italiana) start collaborating and define an agreement. According to the Minister, the arguments between the two have severely damaged the most important boat show in Italy. In a talk on expositions held at the Summer School of Confartigianato, Calenda underlined that the expositions are fundamental, but there’s no need for all districts to have their own.
A strategy suggested by Calenda is to invest in about thirty of the most important boat shows in the country: “We want to invest on the things that work. About those which are not working yet, first they start to work and then we give them money.”
Carla Demaria, President of Ucina Confindustria Nautica, commented that the association she represents has always been at the service of the whole nautical industry, and agrees with the requests expressed by Calenda. On September 1st Ucina renewed its availability to meet Nautica Italiana at the presence of the Undersecretary Scalfarotto from September 24th on: the association confirms its will to keep organizing the Genoa Boat Show and to serve for the whole Italian nautical market.
The Genoa Boat show is a great opportunity to enhance the already underway growth of the sector, and to attract –as it is already happening – more and more foreign clients and partners.