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The first study by Deloitte and Altagamma for Nautica Italiana presented in Cannes


Salone Nautico CannesAccording to the valutation by Deloitte and Fondazione Altagamma for the 2015 the world market for the nautical industry and new boats is worth 19 billion euro, with a growth of +12% compared to the year 2014 (17 billion euro). The new hulls sold are about 800 thousand, (700 thousand in 2014), with a growth of 14%.
Concerning the Superyacht sector, which includes boats longer than 30 metres, the order book 2016 estimated by Deloitte, not including the orders ‘on hold’ and ‘ghost’, consists of 295 units – of which the 44% are the new orders – with a total value of 8,7 billion euro.
14 billion euro is the value of the second-hand market and 1 billion is the total value of the Refit&Repairs and the Superyacht Charter sectors evacuate by Deloitte on the basis of data collected in 2014 from the main global operators.
These are the first data concerning the global market of the boating industry elaborated by Deloitte with Altagamma in the very first study “Market Insight of the international Recreational Boating Industry”, presented this week at the Cannes Yachting Festival by Nautica Italiana.
Lamberto Tacoli, Nautica Italiana’s president, commented: “The value of such a study is not only in the innovative method Deloitte designed and applied, but also in the contribution given by Fondazione Altagamma, which enriches the data interpretation with its great experience in the analysis of the trends in the international luxury sector. The excellence of the Italian nautical production as ambassador of the Made in Italy in the world makes our association naturally alike Altagamma, and this project of a market study is the tangible confirmation.”
The study has the aim to analyze the main trends in the market of the global boating industry, with the vertical segmentation of the main sectors of the production and of the industry business.
“This is the very first study that we would like to develop every year. Today we have started from the main indicators of the boating markets, with a focus on the leisure boats, on the superyachts and of the related sectors of the Refit&Repair and of the Charter. From next edition on we would like to analyze the employment and economical impact that the nautical industry creates locally. Because the nautical industry is the big motor not only for individual pleasure but also of the collective wellness” said Luca Petroni, Chairman of Deloitte Financial Advisory Italy, which conducted the study.
Italy confirms its leadership in value in the sector of the new built boats: it is the first boat manufacturer in Europe with a production value in 2014 of 1,7 billion euro (the 10% of the global value, more than UK, 6,9%, the Netherlands, 6,5%, Germany, 6,4%, France, 5,7%. In the global sector, Italy is only second to the USA (43%).
“The market of the boating industry – said Tommaso Nastasi, Yachting Industry Expert of Deloitte Financial Advisory Italy – after the crisis of the last years, is now through a phase of important revival. The challenge for the operators is to widen the geographical scope of the final clients.”
The final part of the study is the analysis of the penetration of the boating industry according to geographical areas and the distribution of the wealth of the world population, an analysis aimed to identify the areas of the development of the nautical industry. In fact, the penetration in the superyacht market is estimated only at 2,5% in the richest segments of the world population, which consists in 15,4 million people and has a grow rate of 7,5% per year from 2009 to 2015.
“The opportunity – but also the categorical imperative – is to attract the richest and most sophisticated clients, which continues to grow at a rate of 7,5% per year in the entire world. As the whole high-end industry is doing”, concluded Armando Branchini, Vice Chairman of Fondazione Altagamma.