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Volvo Penta awarded Engine-Propulsion of the Year at the World Yachts Trophies 2016


volvo-penta-awardedVolvo Penta was awarded ‘Engine-Propulsion of the Year’ during the World Yachts Trophies 2016 ceremony at the Cannes Yachting Festival, and it also received recognition with Amer Yachts for the Most Innovative Yacht. The trophies reward the year’s leading innovations in the yachting industry.
The awarded innovation is Volvo Penta’s Inboard Performance System (IPS).
Johan Wästeräng, Volvo Penta’s Vice President of Marine Leisure Product Management, accepted the award and commented: “Innovation is in our DNA and we are very appreciative to have this recognition of Volvo Penta IPS. It is testament to the research and development we continue to do with IPS and the way that the system is regarded as the ideal choice of propulsion system for an increasing number of marine applications.”

Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System
Volvo Penta IPS was first launched in 2005, and its forward-facing twin counter-rotating propellers, which sit below the hull in undisturbed water, were immediately considered revolutinary. Superior grip ensures better performance and fuel efficiency than traditional inboard shaft engine installations; moreover, the individually steerable pods enable excellent maneuverability. Lower emissions and greater onboard space and comfort are also features of the system.  Earlier this year Volvo Penta extended the range to match it with its new 8-liter engine, to launch the D8-IPS700 and D8-IPS800. Volvo Penta IPS is available in twin, triple or quadruple installations.

Amer 100, Most Innovative Yacht
The awarded Amer 100 of Amer Yachts is equipped with four Volvo Penta IPS1050 drives, and Volvo Penta also received recognition for its collaboration in the creation of the largest superyacht powered by Volvo Penta IPS.
Wästeräng commented: “We are continuing to see IPS become an integral part of more and more yachts. We are proud of our latest collaboration on the Amer 100, which marks a turning point for in the use of IPS for yachts 100 feet and above.”
Barbara Amerio, owner of Amer Yachts, commented: “We have found that Volvo Penta IPS is revolutionary in the advantages it brings to the market. The award recognizes that a team works well when people share their nautical experiences and when the goal for everyone is to exceed previous results. We are very proud and delighted to win the award for Most Innovative Yacht, with the collaboration from Volvo Penta.”