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Giovanna Vitelli, Nautica Italiana: ready to define a common strategy on exhibitions


INAUGURAZIONE DEL 46/MO SALONE NAUTICO DI GENOVAAfter the threat of the Minister for the Economic Development not to give the expected 150 000 euro public contribution for the next edition of the Genoa Boat Show if the two Italian associations for the nautical industry don’t collaborate in a shared strategy to revive the sector, there has been some movement.
Giovanna Vitelli, Vice President of Nautica Italiana, as well as one of the main representative of the family group Azimut Benetti, suggested working for the unity of the sector. “It is important that the sector find again its unity, both for its own international image and to seize the opportunity of a strategic and financial support made available by the Minister of the Economic Development” she said. “We need a blank page free from resentments and spite where to rewrite together. Maybe we could restart right from sharing a strategy concerning exhibitions”.
Vitelli speaks of expositions in plural form because Nautica Italiana, representing several luxury brands and superyacht builders, claims the need of a specific context and a dedicated event for the luxury yacht markets. Only very few of the associates of Nautica Italiana are indeed attending the current edition of the Genoa Boat Show, an event which has always been organized by UCINA, and which represents the whole Italian nautical industry with no specific focus on luxury yachts.
“We believe that the organization of the events of the sector should be entrusted to an independent and specialized subject. This, both to guarantee a high quality level and to overcome vested interests. From a practical point of view, we will suggest that each association elect two high-profile delegates, under the guide of the Minister Calenda, of a delegate of his or of the president of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia”.


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