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Raptor, YPI’s new 105-metre superyacht project presented in Monaco


ypi-105m-project-raptorYachting Partners International (YPI) presented their new 105-metre Project Raptor at the Monaco Yacht Show thanks to advanced virtual reality technology from YPI Virtual Reality Solutions.
The concept is the result of a discussion between Barry Rogliano Salles (BRS) and Russell Crump, YPI Sales Director, about the quality and efficiency of cruise ship construction and how much they cost to build. To bring the concept closer to realisation, Russell collaborated with the world-renowned yacht designer Jonny Horsfield from H2 Yacht Design, who commented: “I think the concept for Raptor is an extremely exciting direction for the entire yacht industry! The combination of commercial-based engineering and construction with superyacht design is an attractive one – offering both time and cost savings. The exterior is both imposing and graceful and with large fixed balconies that are becoming an H2 Design feature the design is modern and fresh.”
Robert McFarlane of McFarlane Ship Design, took care of the naval architecture: being the only Naval Architects equally committed to both the Yacht and Cruise ship sectors, they conveyed their technical expertise in both sectors in Project Raptor, which introduces the economics of the commercial cruise ship market to the yachting industry, and yacht quality to the cruise ship market.
The complex engineering behind Project Raptor delivers a very simple solution: “The engineering and mechanical platform with naval architecture have all been completed,” explains Russell Crump. “And buyers have a unique opportunity to add an extra 15 metres at the parallel mid-body section for an impressive 120 metre version without any change to the current naval architecture.” The design as well has been developed so that the profile above the main deck can be fully customised.
Russell is convinced that this new concept defines a milestone in the yachting industry, providing the advantages of cruise ships production to superyacht owners: “We have taken all the uncertainty out of the new build process to be able to offer clients a megayacht with a superyacht finish and all the efficiencies and cost savings of a commercial build. In real terms for our clients, that can mean savings of up to 50% on this size of build. We think that makes Project Raptor very interesting for future owners.”
As explained by Mark Duncan, YPI Commercial and Marketing Director, a specialist arm, the YPI Virtual Reality Solutions, has been created specifically to focus on the use and development of virtual reality technology to help future owners to properly experience being onboard their proposed projects long before the start of the production. “We’re using the very latest Oculus Rift goggles with specially designed software and graphics to create the ultimate VR experience for buyers. This allows them to see materials, different lighting conditions, understand the real dimensions of the corridors and the rooms so they get a real understanding for what they like and don’t like. That has a major effect on seriously reducing the need for expensive change orders at a later stage once the build actually starts.”


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